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!! Good News Everyone !!

We are reopen Saturday 29th June 2024 from 7pm, following the Grand Reopening on this date and this time, all normal operations will continue

Trainers (leisure footwear) – The clubs dress code policy regarding “no trainers” on Saturday evenings has been in effect for some years now but has now been extended to all Evenings. To help clarify the situation please note: what we are looking for is smart, dress shoes. It does not matter if your footwear is from ASDA or Prada, cost four figures, are brand new, look really smart or you have come from miles away, you will NOT gain entry if they are, or can be interpreted as trainers/leisure footwear. You can if you wish remove the footwear to entre the club, but this will be your decision. Floors may become dirty and wet as your time in the club progresses and being in socks or barefoot may not be ideal.

Opening Times


Monday 11am–5pm 

Tuesday 11am–5pm 

Wednesday 11am–5pm 

Thursday 11am–5pm 

Friday 11am–5pm 

Saturday 11am–5pm 

Sunday Closed


Monday Closed

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 7:00pm – 12am (Last Entry 11pm)

Friday 7:00pm – Late (latest 1am)

Single male entry 8pm till 11pm everyone else 7pm till 12pm

Saturday 7:00pm – Late (latest 2am)

Single male entry 8pm till 11pm everyone else 7pm till 12.30pm

Sunday Closed

Dress Code

For men

At ALL times you are to be smart and clean

Evenings you must be smart casual, no ripped jeans, no sportswear, no workwear.

Eveningsas above but… dress shoes/formal footwear, NO TRAINERS/LEISURE FOOTWEAR, if they LOOK like trainers, they are trainers, the door staff’s word is final. The better you look, the more you stand out the better chance of being noticed.

For women

As daring as you can, but more importantly as comfortable as you like, as long as it is smart and clean in appearance.

Although we are not a wet/dress down club, and you can stay dressed as long as you like. If you intend to dress down during your stay with us, and therefore not arriving in attire that conforms to the dress code, please ensure you let the staff know on arrival.

Similar for TV’s and CD’s, if you wish to dress at the club, that is fine, but again, please alert the staff on arrival.

Club Rules

Rules & Policies of the club

If you see or hear of any of the below rules/policies not being adhered to please alert a member of staff ASAP!

Failure to adhere to any of the below may result in you being asked to leave, without a refund and future admission being restricted.

You MUST be at least 21 years of age to gain entry to the club, we may request photo I.D. on arrival.

No means NO, no exceptions!

No touching without permission

No following people around

Be respectful at all times.

No mobile phones to be used inside the club.

No Smoking or vaping inside the club, designated outside areas only.

No drugs or illegal substances, if we see it, if we smell it, or if you have it, you will be asked to leave.

Respect people’s personal space

No harassing people.

No aggressive behaviour towards anyone, if you have an issue with someone, please ask for staff assistance.

No exchange of goods/services or money for sexual activity

Leave beds, rooms, and equipment as you found it and clean up after yourself.

No trying to gain access in closed doors, this includes pushing them.

No putting your head past a closed curtain.

No drinking to excess (our BYOB policy)

If people are playing in open areas/rooms please keep your noise low, do not crowd round them, do not provide a running commentary.

No sexual activity in the hot tub

No shoes on the beds


It is also against our dress code policy for anyone to be wearing an outdoor jacket/coat, scarf, or headwear (unless religious) while inside the club. You are required to remove these items as soon as practicable to do so.

Single males – avoid being in more than a group of 2. It can be intimidating, it looks unapproachable, and although some may be into group play, it’s certainly not for everyone so you are reducing your chances.

If you are asked to wear a condom then WEAR IT!!!, if you are asked to wear a condom and you fail to do so or remove it during play this IS considered rape! – condoms are available from the club to purchase.


Anyone found with a mobile phone or camera in their hand while in the club WILL be asked to leave.

Checking the time, reading a message, ordering a taxi/Uber/lift, it’s an emergency – we have heard every excuse in the book and not one has been good enough to us yet.

We know people like to take photos in the rooms, and ultimately what happens in a private room between CONSENTING adults is a private matter between those in a room. But you are reminded a room with a curtain, a room with a viewing window, a room with an open door and the glory holes are NOT private rooms in this regard.

The club reserves the right to add, remove, or amend these rules/policies at any time.



Bring Your Own Booze

We do NOT sell alcohol on the premises.

You are free to bring your own alcohol to consume yourself on the premises.

On busy nights for a £5 deposit we can store (and chill) your drink for you and you can go to the “bar” at any point of the night to get a drink, served to you by our “bar staff”.

Once you return the numbered tag you would have received, back to us you will receive your deposit back.

Please do NOT bring soft drinks, mixers or water to the club, we sell these at the club and by doing so helps keep our admission costs low.

If a member of staff feels you are (becoming) to intoxicated we may recommend you slow down your intake, stop all together, refuse you further use of the “bar” or request you leave for the night.

Single Males

Single males have a reputation for being pests. If you feel that is an unfair assessment of you as a single male, then help us by alerting the staff to those spoiling it for others.

Friday & Saturday nights – You will NOT gain entry until 8pm, this is because the number of single males is restricted to LESS THAN the number of couples who pay to enter.

We encourage couples and single ladies who wish to attend for the first time to arrive early to come into a relaxed atmosphere which is less intimidating without single men in the club.

For these reasons your entry is NOT guaranteed. Arrive as close to 8pm, follow the dress code and obey the rules at all times.

It is advised single males do NOT arrive for their first time to the club during our party events.

Try not to just wander the club, be engaging, look approachable and socialise.

Try not to take a “no” as a negative, you won’t be what everyone is after just as not everyone will be what you are after.

The club has no guest list to put you on, nor can reservations be made with the club.

Your entry fee does not guarantee you anything other than the opportunity to dazzle your fellow club attendee's with your wit, charm, sophistication and well mannered behaviour.

Finally don't be that strange guy in the corner tugging away at your Boris at the sight of a couple or single lady, this is 2023 not the 1980's things have moved on and ain't no one got time for that s*** no more. If anything it'll put people off you and mark you out as one to avoid.


Lockers and changing rooms

Lockers are available for TV’s/Couples and single ladies in the “pink” locker room these are now ALL £1 coin operated.

Lockers for single men are available and in a separate locker room to Tv’s/couples & single ladies.

Hot tub & Showers

We WILL SOON have a hot tub available to use every Friday and Saturday night, and showers available at all times. If you wish to use these facilities, please ask a member of staff for a towel and they shall get you one, free of charge.

If someone is already in the hot tub, please ask if you can join them before joining them.

Please note there is to be NO sexual activity in the hot tub.

Car Park

There is parking at the club covered by our own CCTV and completely free during the clubs’ opening hours. Vehicles are parked and left at your own risk.


Yes, you can bring your own toys and (handheld) equipment, but you are responsible for the items you bring.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a light spank or your more engulfed in the BDSM/kink scene you are reminded that not everyone’s pain threshold is the same and to be mindful.

Remember the dungeon’s safe words:

Red = STOP!!!

Amber = slow down/ease off

Green = ok/go

DJ Equipment/Music

This equipment is for staff use ONLY!!

After 20 years catering for all types and ages it’s naturally obvious to us that in terms of musical taste we can’t please everyone. So, by rule, we play modern music with a splatter of other eras and genres. But if you have a request for a particular song or artist, please feel free to ask the DJ, it may not always be possible or practical, but we will do our best, unless it’s Steps or S Club 7 then they will be played instantly.

To answer some other common questions like “why has the music stopped?”, “why is the song repeating?”, Why is the song skipping/jumping?”, “Why has the music gone quieter?” the answer to all these questions is usually the same – someone has touched the equipment.

This equipment is for staff use ONLY!!

Safe Sex

At The Attic Experience we advise against free willying and recommend all play is done safely.

Condoms are available at the club at either “bar” to purchase.

Please refrain from using a found condom.

And it should go without saying but NEVER use a condom more than once (yes we really do have to say this).

NHS services are available for those that require assistance or support:

Peartree Sexual Health Clinic, Peartree Road, Derby, Derbyshire, DE23 6QD

0800 328 3383


They offer a range of support including STI test (no symptoms), free condoms, sexual health advice and support, LARC (long-Acting Reversible Contraception), coil fitting and removal, contraception, pregnancy support and LGBT health support.

For support closer to you please visit:



The Attic Experience

Carrington House

Ascot Drive, Allenton, Derby, DE24 8ST


Newbies/first timers/Attic virgins

Nervous? That is perfectly fine and to be expected. So how about a view of what to expect upon arriving for the first time.

We assume by this point:

You have seen where we are.

Checked our opening times and prices (noted the club is cash only).

Checked the dress code.

Purchased your alcohol you wish to bring with you.

Read the elements of this site that intrigue you.

So, on arrival the first thing you do is the most nerve-wrecking thing you will do, which is walk through the door into the foyer. Something we have all done, from the owner, to the staff, to all the other guests, so we know how it feels. You will then be greeted by a member of staff who will take your entrance fee, ask if you require a locker and ask if you have been before. You’ll then be invited into the club and a member of staff will give you a full tour of the club (it’s huge by the way, the club that is). The tour will go through each room (if not in use) and areas giving you a little advise what some of the features are. The rules of the club will be explained to you (even if you have been to other clubs) and you are free to ask ANY questions before, during or after the tour. After the tour you are free to explore, socialise or start the party. Staff will be on hand during your stay, so if your still feeling nervous, feel free to find/stop one of the staff and chat.